Workshop Background and Goals

Future ICT technologies, such as the concepts of Ambient Intelligence, Cyber-physical Systems and Internet of Things provide a vision of the Information Society in which: a) people and physical systems are surrounded with intelligent interactive interfaces and objects, and b) environments are capable of recognising and reacting to the presence of different individuals or events in a seamless, unobtrusive and invisible manner. The success of future ICT technologies will depend on how secure these systems may be, to what extent they will protect the privacy of individuals and how individuals will come to trust them. WISTP 2014 aims to address security and privacy issues of smart devices, networks, architectures, protocols, policies, systems, and applications related to Internet of Things, along with evaluating their impact on business, individuals, and the society.

The workshop seeks original submissions from academia and industry presenting novel research on all theoretical and practical aspects of security and privacy of Internet of Things, as well as experimental studies of fielded systems, the application of security technology, the implementation of systems, and lessons learned. We encourage submissions from other communities such as law, business, and policy that present these communities' perspectives on technological issues.

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Scientific supports

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